We came, we saw, we partied…

Venimus, vidimus, celebravimus We came, We saw, We celebrated ! 27 years on and still kicking it into the stands!!! What a fine weekend. We really did have a great time and if you made it in to the event I’m certain you were impressed Saturday was the usual day of setting up re-meeting old […]

How many prints ??

Question from 2012   “How many prints can I fit in the space ?” as answered:… Hi name,  That’s an almost impossible question. We’ve see big prints, small prints, micro prints. How much space you want between them…. viewer distance / impact/ lighting / not wanting to clog it all up, etc Here’s a strategy. […]

A little on “selling” at PP

In 2012 we received a question on “Selling my work at the Peoples Photography Exhibition”… was it allowed? see the response below ______________________________________________________ Hi ‘name’ As suggested in “The Rules” The event is a photography exhibition. NOT a market. Our permission for the OPW specifically states: No trading is to take place within the curtilage […]

Charities attending PP 2013

hi All, For the last few years one of the nicest duties and moments for us has been the presentation of the PP proceeds to NCBI and Simon.  Both charities appreciate the donations so much… and it’s all down to you guys and girls. This year… for a number of reasons that were important to […]

40 Days to Go

Hi All, Well, isn’t this the finest weather for lugging around a massive bag of cameras, glass, tripods and the multiple assorted tools and paraphernalia the committed shooter just can’t do without these days. Or then again… you may be that discreet classy €6k Leica M9 type.. with a few classic Elmarit prime lenses in […]