Question from 2012  

“How many prints can I fit in the space ?”

as answered:…

Hi name,  That’s an almost impossible question.

We’ve see big prints, small prints, micro prints. How much space you want between them…. viewer distance / impact/ lighting / not wanting to clog it all up, etc

Here’s a strategy.
1) take a wall space 8′ by (say) 5′6″ high.
2) mark the outline
3) blutack your smallest and your largest print on it and then move 10′ to 15′ back
4) walk moderately slowly past it and imagine 1/4 mile of “competeting” images (yes the Green is a mile in perimeter)
5) if the smallest picture wants you to move in… go for it. else you need to think bigger and dont forget to leave “white/black” space between the pics,

technically you could fit 200 5×4’s or 60 10×8’s into the space with minimal spacing… but would you want to.??
suggest you just pick a lot of pictures you love and rotate them so that they look right to you from hour to hour to hold your interest, and then spend the rest of the time chatting to the other exhibitors…..elsewise you’ll have 16 hours standing and guarding the perfect layout.