hi All,

For the last few years one of the nicest duties and moments for us has been the presentation of the PP proceeds to NCBI and Simon.  Both charities appreciate the donations so much… and it’s all down to you guys and girls.

This year… for a number of reasons that were important to all of us we wanted to be able to do the presentation actually during the exhibition.  Both charities are delighted to be invited and attend and will promote the event through their own websites as well.

So … more news later  on the actual day, time and arrangements but we wanted to let you all know.

It is really important to us as organisers on yor behalf …that you know the donations are actually being received.

and equally important that the charities see its a group thing and that the donation didn’t magic itself out of the air.

Also, there’s every chance of a good  photo (that’ll be the Nikon:)






more news later