In his own words…

Photography, for me, is capturing a moment in time that is worth revisiting again and again.  A moment that captures the imagination.  It is also a way of creating something that will make a statement, make you think or take you to a different place.  I have chosen a few samples to show what I love about photography.

Photos such as ‘Lady in Red’, ‘Marimba Ensemble’, ‘Evening Reflection’, ‘The Session’ an assembly of musical instruments, gathered to spark the imagination.  Photographed in complete darkness, with a open shutter, while painting the the scene with light.

The ‘Sound of Music’ with the musical notes floating over the keys, bringing the picture to life!

‘Ireland’s Pride’ was born from frustration.  An attempt to show how our national symbol is starting to fall apart under the pressures of austerity.

Then we have examples of just how beautiful our country is.  From a magnificent ‘Sandymount Sunrise’ or a scenic ‘Glendalough Morning’ or the iconic landmark of the ‘Chimney’s’ or a beautiful ‘Sunset on Tall Ships’.  Capturing these moments for all to see, is what photography is all about.


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