Hi All,

Well, isn’t this the finest weather for lugging around a massive bag of cameras, glass, tripods and the multiple assorted tools and paraphernalia the committed shooter just can’t do without these days.

Or then again… you may be that discreet classy €6k Leica M9 type.. with a few classic Elmarit prime lenses in the jacket pocket.

It’s been a long time since we had this sort of light so I thought it useful to remind you to remember your old Kodak “sunny 16” rule. Sun at your back, f11, 125/sec, 100 ASA. In dem day youngfeller we had no DOF preview, 5 frames/sec motordrive, live horizon, 1080p vid, CLS or HDF). Just a old Zeiss Ikon, or if you were real fancy a Pentax Spotmatic, Yahsi-mashi or Rollieflex TLR, a steady hand, a few tips, distain for Instamatic or Polaroid shooters and some attitude.

lol.. beginning to sound like an ole gunslinger
(steady up there T)

Either way… you are all very welcome to the 2013 Exhibitors listing.
Just confirming you’ve been added !! though we’ve still to get to the postbox to collect the latest post. This listing was created from those who’ve confirmed their application forms were/are in flight.

Take a look at the PP website… www.peoplesphotography.ie

I’ve just updated it with some new infra-red studies from Dave Kennedy. The profiles are beginning to show quite an amazing range of images and approaches. Please send in a few of your own. Be a “stand-up” kind of shooter and show off the work

We’re all looking forward to seeing you all in August.

There’ll be more over the next days
regards to you all