In 2012 we received a question on “Selling my work at the Peoples Photography Exhibition”… was it allowed?

see the response below


Hi ‘name’

As suggested in “The Rules” The event is a photography exhibition. NOT a market.

Our permission for the OPW specifically states:

  • No trading is to take place within the curtilage of the Park.


  • Commercial advertisements by way of amplified announcements, posters, handbills etc. will not be allowed. Any prior advertising or publicity material should indicate that St. Stephen’s  Green Park is being used courtesy of the Office of Public Works.


It’s always a pleasure that someone would like your work enough to actually want to part with their hard earned euros to possess some of it BUT it’s not meant to be a photo sale (a-la the painters down on Merrion Square).

By all means take money for a print… but be warned there’s a very fine line between touting for sales and “accepting an offer” for a single piece of work. If you are “offering”… then you are subject to street trading legislation and may be prosecuted.
All goes back to the Laws of Contract.

Example A:
Man has picture with price-tag on it (HE is offering to sell) , Buyer comes (haggles) and ‘accepts’ price. Money exchanges. This man is willfully “selling”

Example B:
Man has picture on display. Viewer comes and makes an offer. (HE is offering to buy) Man with picture accepts. Money exchanges…… different emphasis, different but subtle treatment in law.