PP 2022 Sat 27th Aug – Sun 28th Aug !! INFORMATION

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1st July 2022

We are sending out an email asking people to participate in a short survey on Poll Unit. It may end up in your Spam folder. Please check it out and fill it in.

We hope to be able to open up the 2022 Applications in the next week. So keep an eye on this site for further information.

PP 2022 Team



Last year between the Luas commencement, the restoration and regaining of much of the Northside pavement, and the desire to avoid a loose end of 1st time exhibitors isolated on the East side it was decided we’d restrict the exhibition to North side only and get everyone in the one space.


The reactions were overwhelmingly positive.


So, building from that and following much conversation by your organisers it’s decided…..PP 2019 will again be solely on the North side.


In order to facilitate the maximum number of exhibitors the former “double space” of 2 x 8’ sections will now reduce to 12’ foot called “Premium” (for want of a better word) and be paired in the line of exhibitors with a 2nd Premium space… i.e. two exhibitors sharing 3 normal spaces


The “Standard” space remains at approx 8’


Prices are adjusted accordingly.


Standard space reduced to €15.


Premium space costs €25… as these spaces are considered by the organisers to be more for those who may be more “commercially” minded … or feel they need more space to show their work. (This in the context that the exhibition is not meant to be about selling work).


 A maximum of 30 Premium spaces is set which will consume 45 standard spaces


 We hope (allowing for club spaces) that will allow for 50+ individual photographers to take part.

All Spaces ( both Premium and Standard) will be on the basis of 1st come, 1st served !!!


1)   Because of the way the spaces are being managed this year we need a separate application for each participant. for multiple people sharing a space only one name is required BUT for Clubs and Groups it’s necessary to complete an application for each space booked.

All the group members can be in the “Group Organisers” name and email…. or enter separate emails for the participants so they’ll get the confirmation mail.





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